How Male Adult Models Enhance Their Sexual Power

As a photographer I collaborate with male fitness models, bodybuilders and everyday muscle guys, it's not a secret.

Not a secret either that a lot of male models create adult content to share on JustForFans and other fansites.

Normally they upload 1-2 videos a day (the more, the better!) in order to rank highly on the platform and to increase their audience. Also they do dozens of nude pics mostly with a boner. Finally, after that some of them do live cam shows where they perform a massive erection and abundant ejaculation again.

A full-time job BTW. I always wondered if there was anything that helped them get a hard-on whenever needed. 

How I Learned About It


Once, while in the shower with my model after a great shoot, I asked him explicitly: "Do you take anything to be a type of always-ready?"

He laughed and said: "Yeah, man, I do. Browsing through you website. Ha-ha."

I went on: "But seriously. A kinda secret medication?"

And he was like: "Not at all. You can try it anytime. Remember: Semaxin*. Fully natural. I'll send you the link. Recently bought it for my dad. Now he's feeling a teen again. Ha-ha."


That was the first time I heard about this supplement. Since then, I keep asking guys about their secret fuel. And Semaxin turns out to be a well-known thing among them. I just thought I should share this story with you and tell you about this product.

Let's face it, guys, sometimes we all need a good male enhancement supplement. Now we have the one trusted by men of the adult industry. Something tells me they can't be wrong.

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What Makes It Unique



Let's check out the official description:

  "Semaxin supports the spermatogensis proccess (sperm production), improves the quality of the sperm and increases its volume, increases the libido and also eliminates erection problems in a natural manner, safe for the body. (emphasis added)

  "Moreover, Semaxin stimulates the testosterone production process. A drop in the level of this hormone is visible with age, and Semaxin's task is to eliminate the effects of this process.

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In other words, Semaxin stimulates semen production, strengthens erections and improves the libido in contrast with other supplements and medications that promise only a fast erection after use and have multiple side effects.

We hope that was helpful.

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Keep it up, guys!

Sincerely, Nick Mesh